HertiageSongs[Language: German]

September 2017:
Alternativkultur im Rückenwind der EXPO 2000:
KulturKaleidoskop - made in Hannover

Im Jahre 2000 fand in Hannover eine Weltausstellung statt, die EXPO 2000. Die Kulturszene Hannovers stand vor der Herausforderung sich einerseits als Gastgebereinzubringen und andererseits nicht durch dieses Großereignis in Vergessenheit zu geraten. Darausist KulturKaleidoskop Entstanden. Mit 200 Veranstaltungen während der fünf Monate EXPO 2000 hat dieses einmalige Projekt bewiesen, was Hannover zu bieten hat.

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Rheinlander[Language: English]

8 February 2017:
The First Generation Americans
Usually history is written from the perspective of the rulers, kings or dictators. A depiction from the view of a common man may be more seldom and sometimes does not correlate with the standard history book. Surely some events may be witnessed differently at the level of the modest citizen. The remembrance of historical events passed on from generation to generation will certainly be those of direct impact, regardless of what rank it may have in World History.

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HertiageSongs[Language: English]

1 February 2017:
Heritage Songs of the Ethical Society
For those who grew up in the Ethical Society it is clear how important the songs we sang were. Every church congregation has a collection of songs, every religion emphasizes how singing is a part of the spiritual being. Keeping in touch with the Heritage Songs of the Ethical Society means finding those songs of particular value. This is why we launched this project.

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Requiem11 Januar 2017:
Requiem for a World After is re-released!
I recorded and produced this record in 1981. Gueessen Records started this initiative, the recordings were digitally remastered and now Requiem will be distributed world-wide!

And yes, it's a vinyl!!

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Just Another Immigrant
140 years ago thousands of families emigrated from Germany to America. Many of them were poor and without hope. In America they could start a new life, were able to get work and were successful. This was only possible due to three things: a strong will of survival, luck and help from others.

This is the story of Barbara Zimmermann (1872-1960), a woman of German decent born in Hungary, who went through tremendous turmoil to get her and her two sons to the land of her hopes. The real American Dream.

This book also includes recipes from the Old Country and accordion-music from the collection of her son Wendell.


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Hugo Spechtshart
Ars nova: Die Entdeckung der neuen Musik

Only available in German!

We're working on the English version. It took over 10 years of research and 2 years of writing to get this book finished. A preview and interactive games are available right here: www.hugo-spechtshart.de

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